Labrinth - IMAGINATION Guitar Chords

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Labrinth - IMAGINATION Guitar Chords
Leran Imagination guitar chords with strumming patterns by Labrinth from album Imagination & The Misfit Kid. [D] major is the scale and song played with 7 chords. Strumming patterns are D D D D.

Imagination Guitar Chords

Artist : Labrinth
Key : [D]
Chords : [D] [A] [C] [Em] [F#m] [Bm] [Gm]
Tune : Standard on E scale
Copo : No
Strumming : D D D D

[Em]Only in my[F#m] imagination[A]
[Em]Only in my[F#m] imagination[A]

As the[D] sun lopsided
And the[C] birds fly sideways
And I[Bm] shake the sky
With a[Gm] heavenly smile on my face
And I[D] draw up Picassos
And I[C] spray paint Banksys
And we[Bm] live on L-O-V-E
Like it[Gm] was our salaries

And we[D] plant these seeds
That we[C] call ideas
And they[Bm] grow like trees
Bearing[Gm] fruits on twigs
And we[D] just don't leave
'Cause we[C] like it here
Making[Bm] Shangri-La
Inside[Gm] of our heads

[Em]I live in this[F#m] imagination[A]

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About Song

Album : Imagination & The Misfit Kid
Lyrics : Labrinth
Produced by : Labrinth
Released by : November 22, 2019