AMERICAN DREAM Guitar Chords Accurate | Lsd Soundsystem

AMERICAN DREAM Guitar Chords Accurate | Lsd Soundsystem
Get American Dream (Electric Lady Sessions) Guitar chords accurate, sung by LSD Soundsystem. Guitar played with [Am] scale and 4 chords are used to play the song.

American Dream Guitar Chords by LSD Soundsystem

Song : American Dream (Electreic lady sessions)
Singer : Lsd Soundsystem
Key : [Am]
Chords : [Am] [G] [F] [C]
Tuning : [E,B,G,D,A,E]
[F] [G] [C] [Am]
[F] [G] [C] [Am]

[F]Wake up with somebody[G] near you
And at[C] someone else's[Am] place
[F]You took acid and looked in the[G] mirror
Watched the[C] beard crawl around on your[Am] face
[F]Oh, the revolution was[G] here
That would[C] set you free
From those[Am] bourgeoisie
[F]In the morning everything's[G] clearer
When the[C] sunlight exposes your[Am] age

But that's[F] okay[G]
And that's[C] okay[Am]

[F]Grab your clothes and
Head to the[G] doorway
If you[C] dance out
No one[Am] complains
[F]Find the place
Where you can be[G] boring
Where you[C] won't need to[Am] explain
[F]That you're sick in the head
And you[G] wish you were dead
Or at[C] least instead of sleeping here
You[Am] prefer your own bed, come on
[F]You just suck at self[G] preservation
Versus[C] someone else's[Am] pain

So you feel[F] drained [G]
And[C] insane [Am] [F] [G]
And[C] insane [Am] [F] [G] [C] [Am]

[F]He was leather and you were[G] screaming
Swinging[C] chains against the[Am] stage
[F]And you couldn't know he was[G] leaving
But now[C] more will go with[Am] age, you know
[F]So get up and stop your[G] complaining
You know that[C] you're the only one
who's been[Am] destroying all the fun
[F]Look what happened when you were[G] dreaming
Then[C] punch yourself in the[Am] face

[F]So you kiss and you clutch
but you[G] can't fight that feeling
That your[C] one true love
Is just[Am] awaiting your big meeting
[F]So you never even asked for[G] names
You just[C] look right through them
as if you[Am] already came

[F]It's a drug of the heart
and you can't stop the[G] shaking
'Cause the[C] body wants
what it's terrible at[Am] taking, oh
[F]And you can't remember the[G] meaning
But there's[C] no going back against this
[Am] California feeling

(sha-bang, sha-bang)
American[C] dream[Am]
(sha-bang, sha-bang)
American[F] dream[G]
(sha-bang, sha-bang)
American[C] dream[Am]
(sha-bang, sha-bang).!

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Song's Info: American Dream lyrics is written by James Murphy and also mixing by him. The song American Dream is released on 5 May 2017 by Sony Music.
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